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Yoga Quickie:  Twist Focus
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Managing Yoga Teachers
Managing Yoga Teachers
Ania Stan
Ania Stan 5 miesięcy temu
Thank you so much for sharing this practice and the magnificent view! I'm staying locked up in 1 room in mandatory quarantine after arriving back to Australia and yoga helps to stay sane.
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pixels pixels 6 miesięcy temu
Diane F
Diane F 6 miesięcy temu
with the exception of one pose (forearm stand), this is a well balanced level 1.5 practice, so ambitious beginners shouldn’t be intimidated.
Kate U
Kate U 7 miesięcy temu
Here in 2021 and feeling fat and lumpy. I didn't think id get through 50 minutes but wanted to challenge myself 🏆 glad i got through it! Ha! Thank you!
Ann Levie
Ann Levie 10 miesięcy temu
namaste. Lovely, complete class. Thanks so much for a wonderful start to the day.
kokoro1900 11 miesięcy temu
One of the best yoga class on youtube. Too bad there isn't a 7 day challenge course ish. Or maybe it's not too late for one :)?
makeuploverr98 Rok temu
Great class.
Kate U
Kate U Rok temu
@kathleen been doin your vjds for years, any opportunity for a new one in 2020?!! Needing your lovely style right now!
Anil Gosavi
Anil Gosavi Rok temu
I did this sequence today after few days and felt so so so nice 👍
Antica Donlevie
Antica Donlevie Rok temu
Favorite yoga workout! I do this video once a week as a workout! Thank you for having it posted. Your voice is one of the best when it comes to a yoga instructor. :)
Mariana Evangelina
Mariana Evangelina Rok temu
Bored to the repetitive...sorry...
MrsMegaDead Rok temu
"I recommend this guide: ** So grateful it exists in 2020."
Steven Michael Wilson
Steven Michael Wilson Rok temu
Great video. I start my day with it and it gets me going. There is one thing that is curious and strange: at the very end, minute 28:45, two strange creatures, bird-like, emerge from the waves flying up to the right hand side of the screen and bump against a phantom wall over and over. What’s up with that. Are they trapped in your yoga world (: I’m eager to know. Thanks so much
Zia Isola
Zia Isola Rok temu
I really enjoyed this practice and my body (and mind!) feel invigorated and happy after doing it. Great sequencing, and just enough vigor to make me feel I was getting a workout without feeling I couldn't keep up. The instructor's voice is very calming and the instructions are clear. I did feel the shavasana was a little rushed, especially for a 50 minute practice. Fortunately, the video does not end right away, so I was able to extend my resting period. I LOVED that the ocean and ocean sounds go on for several minutes after the conclusion of the practice. This allowed me to transition back without feeling anxious that PLto was going to flip to the next video or an annoying add. Overall, very well done! Will bookmark and come back to this one again!
Ricardo Ugena
Ricardo Ugena Rok temu
Fantástico 🙏
Suzan Sadie
Suzan Sadie Rok temu
Much appreciated Les :))
Polly Hansen
Polly Hansen Rok temu
This popped up on my feed. Hadn't done it in a while. One of my favorites as all your precious videos are. Love the pace of synchronized breathing and clear, steady, calm, kind instructions. Hope you are well!
Kate U
Kate U 2 lat temu
still. loving this vid after finding it years ago. no chatty-ness just a simple good flow. thank you!
Sherry Ruth
Sherry Ruth 2 lat temu
Talking all the way through shavasana. I really dislike that. Barely any holds in the poses.
Krishnan mishra
Krishnan mishra 2 lat temu
Too fast for me.
Kate U
Kate U 2 lat temu
This was great!! Perfect stretches for a Sunday morning. This would also be a great detox with al the twisting!
Drew J A MacDermid
Drew J A MacDermid 2 lat temu
Very rushed, would be a good routine if you're using yoga for your daily workout not just for flexibility. Only slows down in the last 5 mins. Could of done with holding the poses for 30 seconds more, still thanks for the morning sesh ✌
Makeup Mel
Makeup Mel 3 lat temu
I love this video! I find myself coming back time and time again!
Creek Tilghman
Creek Tilghman 3 lat temu
Just look for the best workout ebook from Unflexal page.
Jubilant 3 lat temu
Nice, calming flow. Lovely twists!
Laura Templeman
Laura Templeman 3 lat temu
how do i find the yoga quickies app? It is not listed under yoga quickies in iphone app store
jane susan
jane susan 3 lat temu
I enjoy your videos so much and your voice is so calming. Thank you!
The Hill Site
The Hill Site 3 lat temu
Thank you for these videos!
Sandy Beaches
Sandy Beaches 3 lat temu
I loved yoga quickies and I travelled all over the world using it for daily practice, until a few years ago. It no longer works on new phones. Have you created anything recently for iPhone, as I have never found another 20 min class to equal your balance class, with its warrior three sequence, inversions and more with a compact 20 mins. I miss it sooo much xxxx Thanks for the fantastic classes 🌺🌝🌸
Sandy Beaches
Sandy Beaches 3 lat temu
Love this ocean practice too xxxx
Al Safy Arabians
Al Safy Arabians 3 lat temu
way to fast for beginner....
Sanaa Sanaa
Sanaa Sanaa 3 lat temu
Still loving it in 2018 my go to classes whenever I need a structured flowing class :)
Tieland to Thailand
Tieland to Thailand 3 lat temu
Liked it only after I reduced the video speed to 75%. Otherwise good flow :)
Marion Zenlibrarian
Marion Zenlibrarian 3 lat temu
Thanks! After a few years I am still enjoying this practice when I am short of time but don't want to skip yoga. It is short, but really gives the feeling of exactly what it's called: well rounded. Not for beginners necessarily.... :) Unless you can listen to your body and adjust poses to your level of comfort where necessary.
Mis Fitz
Mis Fitz 3 lat temu
Fantastic beginners class. Most of you don’t understand what beginners class is. Speed does not make this class advanced, the poses make a class advanced. These are all beginners poses.
Carol B
Carol B 3 lat temu
Didn't enjoy the practice. A bit freaky mood.... I'll stick with Yoga with Tim.
Mira Saleh
Mira Saleh 3 lat temu
I likes the sweat that i got from this workout, thank u
eXplorer 3 lat temu
Fantastic video! I love looking earth, explore and decompress...
Live Homeo
Live Homeo 4 lat temu
Awesome place with great tips. Thank you for sharing.
Jenna Schoenbachler
Jenna Schoenbachler 4 lat temu
Way too fast! However, it was invigorating. Not your traditional yoga sun salutations but, nevertheless, a good workout. by Nicole Groch by Nicole Groch 4 lat temu
Thanks so much Les. A great class!
Lynn Christian
Lynn Christian 4 lat temu
thank you. perfect for every morning
Cole Caldwell
Cole Caldwell 4 lat temu
This was my first EVER yoga experience, and I loved it. Thank you for sharing! I see others think it was fast, but for me it was good. Even not knowing what I was doing, I learned quickly and soon was perfecting my form and transitions. I've never taken a formal class, nor will I probably ever, so I really enjoyed it. I chose this video over all the others because of the water sounds in the background. I like that sound when I'm concentrating. I wish you had longer and more videos at this location. I will look at some of your other stuff too. But, this is my favorite for sure.
Liz Baum
Liz Baum 4 lat temu
I loved this flow. I'm traveling for several months and usually have wifi, so this is perfect! Thank you!
A D 4 lat temu
This is my go to routine when I need to feel better. Thank you so much.
Patrick Fennell
Patrick Fennell 4 lat temu
Thats perfect for before work,your awsome. Namaste
JesusTheGym&Them with Joi Edwards
JesusTheGym&Them with Joi Edwards 4 lat temu
Thank you
Kaci Callaghan
Kaci Callaghan 5 lat temu
I absolutely love this video. I took one yoga course in college so I have just a little background knowledge, but I'd still call myself a beginner. This workout eased me back into yoga after about a year off and I find is it's great to return to when I catch myself slacking. This is the only video I've found that is consistently challenging enough to be a workout but easy enough to follow. I'm trying to do it every day on my back porch! I love the vinyasa flow and that you encourage me to set an intention! This starts my day off great! Thank you for this video!
steppen wolf
steppen wolf 5 lat temu
thanks so much
Taylor Shea
Taylor Shea 5 lat temu
Avelina Petrie
Avelina Petrie 5 lat temu
Great class! Thank you
Lemardi 5 lat temu
great lesson but you need to slow it down. a real beginner cannot change positions that fast and its not coordinated with the propper breathing
Paula Johnson
Paula Johnson 5 lat temu
Awesome class!! Beautiful flow. Thank you!!
a. wanderer
a. wanderer 5 lat temu
Thank you so much for this class. I have been doing yoga for over two decades and do this one about once a week. I love this class because it keeps me interested. I also always chuckle when you move into pada hastasana from ardha chadrasana b/c it sounds like you say 'kick that shit up and back!'
Sanaa Sanaa
Sanaa Sanaa 4 lat temu
I'm glad I'm not the only one!!! I even say it with him while practicing " kick that shit up and back" :p:p
KBeckerLRHS 5 lat temu
This was perfect for coming back to yoga after being sick for a few weeks. Thank you for recognizing (multiple times, too!) that some of us have tight hamstrings and need adaptations for certain poses. Great yoga instructor!
Revia Romberg
Revia Romberg 5 lat temu
Great class! I wish there was a little more of a warm up but it was great!
emanuele fatucchi
emanuele fatucchi 5 lat temu
buona serata
Kell Fitz
Kell Fitz 5 lat temu
fantastic teacher. thank you
TheMogjo 5 lat temu
I am just learning yoga and this is horrible. You explain nothing and go way to fast.
Geraldine Mansèque
Geraldine Mansèque 5 lat temu
So simple, strong, flowing, lovely. Thank you!
Annie Robinson
Annie Robinson 5 lat temu
Beautifully well rounded class, thank you!
Melissa Reitkopp
Melissa Reitkopp 5 lat temu
This was wonderful, flowed naturally, encouraged me to stretch and strengthen my entire body. Since I didn't have time to make it to class, this was perfect. I will do it again!
Suphasek Klinkesorn
Suphasek Klinkesorn 5 lat temu
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AngeliqueMusic27 5 lat temu
Awesome flow thank you!
Peter Boppets
Peter Boppets 5 lat temu
Very rushed routine, absolutely rubbish calling it a beginners movie. I ended up getting annoyed and after 15 minutes just doing my own thing.
Mis Fitz
Mis Fitz 3 lat temu
Peter Boppets it’s not supposed to be slow and it’s absolutely for a beginner.
Information4 You
Information4 You 5 lat temu
Luke Targett
Luke Targett 6 lat temu
This class is absolutely amazing. Ive been practicing vinyasa for over a year now and considered myself intermediate in medium paced classes, but this was the most enjoyable session yet. This will be my daily until another solo piece comes.
히어앤나우 6 lat temu
Thank you. Your video makes me feel much better.
Natalie L
Natalie L 6 lat temu
I really liked this workout. I have been trying to get back into yoga for a long time and I tried this and thought it was great. I will definitely be doing it again soon and often. Your voice is so calm and the backdrop is really pretty. I didn't mind the pacing, but a few minutes of it in the middle of the video gets really repetitive (I think you called it Tadasana?) I will definitely check out your other videos!
patcimel 6 lat temu
I also love this workout. I have done this one many times now. Thank you.
Daniel Gavin
Daniel Gavin 6 lat temu
Great class--we loved it! Thank you!
gypsyaloe 6 lat temu
Great pace, love the flow very simple and clean video. Thank you!
Cyntia 6 lat temu
Whats this pose named? 13:58
Martyn Sklayne
Martyn Sklayne 6 lat temu
Really easy to follow, thank you!
SoleBrun 6 lat temu
Nice video. Love it 👍💕 can you zoom in the next videos? They look too far away. Thank you. Following you.
Ziomara Sotelo
Ziomara Sotelo 6 lat temu
You have the most relaxing voice! That's for this yoga experience❤️
Eryn Kirkwood
Eryn Kirkwood 6 lat temu
Love the sequence... not too much instruction, no obnoxious music. This is my fave tube video yet!
Sejal Graber
Sejal Graber 6 lat temu
I absolutely loved this. Made me feel that I was on the beach doing yoga with you. One question...I am 5 months pregnant and find it difficult to do loctus pose with my belly. Any suggestions for modifications? Thanks so much. Please post more flow yoga!
Heather Mandeville
Heather Mandeville 6 lat temu
Great practice! Something was wrong with the audio though-I could hardly hear it. I tried other videos and could hear them just fine.
Andrea G
Andrea G 6 lat temu
many thanks! love the sequence and the love!
Heather Mandeville
Heather Mandeville 6 lat temu
Great practiced! It was just what I needed, Thank you!
Michael Leon
Michael Leon 6 lat temu
The sequence of poses is great, but the pacing is FAST! As a someone who has been practicing yoga for about a month, it was way too quick for me to follow along with. However, if you are more experienced, it might not be a problem.